Visiting the temples

Yesterday I went to a Buddhist and a Hindu temple on the way to our holiday house on the beach. 

The Hindu Temple

The temple we visited was the Hindu temple. We had to be very quiet because everyone was praying to the gods. We looked at all the different kinds of gods. Some of the gods were horses, cows, elephants and a blue man. He was very big. I believe in different gods but I believe all gods are humans.

The people in the Hindu temple had paint on the heads. The men and women wore Indian dresses. I think the Hindu temple is Indian because there are lots of Indian people there. 

The Buddhist Temple

The Buddhist temple is very very big. It has a museum, a shop where you can buy stuff. It has got hundreds of stairs. I think the Buddhist temple is Chinese because there were lots of Chinese people there. 

The buddahs were very big. They had big bellys. There was a good one in the shop that had children. At the end my daddy took a picture of me being a Buddha. I had to close my eyes, put my hands together and cross my legs.

It has got a restaurant where you can buy food. My mummy and daddy bought food and me and my sister and brother had drinks.

The day was brilliant. If you have not been to the temples then you might want to go. 


Playing at my favourite park

Today I went to my favourite park Narrabeen lagoon. It is a big lagoon for for cycling, running and playing. Lots of families go there to have fun.

I went to my favourite play park with with my dad to play on my favourite spinney thing. I got dizzy. I didn’t want to stop spinning.  I made a video about spinning on the spinney thing. I would like you to watch my video everyone.

I saw a spider. It was a whitetail spider and it crawled on my wrist. My dad asked me if it bit me I said no. It is lucky it did not bite me because my dad says it would make me very sick because it’s got a poison bite and I would be sick.

After the play park we went to the exercise park. I am a gymnast so I did push ups and exercise. Then we went for a bush walk and saw the ducks.

The park really fun to play on. I love it.


The day I created pop art

To day I played with pop art. My friend Charlotte got it on my birthday. I turned 7. I made a photo frame, I will tell you a bout it.


It came in a plastic tube their were 4 pots. Their was brown ,blue ,white, and orange but my favourite colour was blue they felt sticky and gooey.  It looks like tiny little balls. It smell gross.

It was fun to play with. There are lots of things to make like flowers, sheep, photo frame, dinosaur ,and berg. I photo it would be good to make a photo frame. With my sister brother and dad.

The frame I made was colourful. It was covered in leaves, flowers and sun and it reminds me of nature. I like nature because it helps us breath. I am going to use the frame for a family photo.

The photo frame LolaKH made with Pop Art 3D children's craft toy

My sister said “it’s amazing you can make this goo stuff into 3D objects. It was fun to help Lola create things and make a photo frame. I made 2 key rings. An ice cream key ring and a cake key ring.

I loved my art work it was colourful

I would recommend this for both girls and boys aged 5 and over.  We had hours of fun.