The day I created pop art

To day I played with pop art. My friend Charlotte got it on my birthday. I turned 7. I made a photo frame, I will tell you a bout it.


It came in a plastic tube their were 4 pots. Their was brown ,blue ,white, and orange but my favourite colour was blue they felt sticky and gooey.  It looks like tiny little balls. It smell gross.

It was fun to play with. There are lots of things to make like flowers, sheep, photo frame, dinosaur ,and berg. I photo it would be good to make a photo frame. With my sister brother and dad.

The frame I made was colourful. It was covered in leaves, flowers and sun and it reminds me of nature. I like nature because it helps us breath. I am going to use the frame for a family photo.

The photo frame LolaKH made with Pop Art 3D children's craft toy

My sister said “it’s amazing you can make this goo stuff into 3D objects. It was fun to help Lola create things and make a photo frame. I made 2 key rings. An ice cream key ring and a cake key ring.

I loved my art work it was colourful

I would recommend this for both girls and boys aged 5 and over.  We had hours of fun.



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