Playing at my favourite park

Today I went to my favourite park Narrabeen lagoon. It is a big lagoon for for cycling, running and playing. Lots of families go there to have fun.

I went to my favourite play park with with my dad to play on my favourite spinney thing. I got dizzy. I didn’t want to stop spinning.  I made a video about spinning on the spinney thing. I would like you to watch my video everyone.

I saw a spider. It was a whitetail spider and it crawled on my wrist. My dad asked me if it bit me I said no. It is lucky it did not bite me because my dad says it would make me very sick because it’s got a poison bite and I would be sick.

After the play park we went to the exercise park. I am a gymnast so I did push ups and exercise. Then we went for a bush walk and saw the ducks.

The park really fun to play on. I love it.



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